Comfort, quality and support are the hallmarks of our mattress range.

Our mattresses have been developed to offer a quality solution to just about any requirement, e.g. upmarket accommodation, general household use, budget-friendly
mattresses for people with limited resources, camping and other leisure uses, baby cots, and many more.
The mattresses we supply are broadly grouped into the following categories:


These luxurious mattresses are ideally suited for upmarket accommodation establishments and high-end residential users.

Foam density of 30 and upwards
Incorporate various speciality foams
Key products in this range are:
Plush touch
Firm touch
Comfort touch


These mattresses offer a comfortable sleeping experience at a reasonable price.

Foam density ranges from 18 to 28
Excellent value for money
Key products in this range are:
⋅   True Blue
⋅   Strongman
⋅   Ultra Sleep
⋅   Yo comfy
⋅   Kansas
⋅   Night Star



An ideal choice for those on a tight budget that still need a quality mattress.

Foam density ranges from 8 to 16
Very budget-friendly
Key products in this range are:
⋅   Lalapanzi
⋅   Sleeptite
⋅   Midnight



Various application-specific types of mattress, including:

⋅   Camping mattresses
⋅   Folding mattresses
⋅   Cot mattresses