Speciality Foam

We produce various types of foam that are suitable for diverse applications and uses within the bedding, furniture and related industries. The combination of our local experience,
top-class equipment, and access to industry-leading international expertise (via our partnership with Greiner Foam International),
gives us the ability to offer highly customisable, requirement-specific products and solutions to our customers.

Memory Foam (viscoelastic foam)

(Viscoelastic foam)

Polyurethane foam enhanced with added compounds to increase density and viscosity. This foam moulds to the shape of the sleeper’s body for ultimate comfort and makes an ideal final layer in high-end mattresses.

High Resilience Foam

(HR foam)

An open-cell, flexible polyurethane foam that adds comfort, support, and resilience. HR foam is characterised by a very fast recovery, i.e. it “bounces” back to its original shape immediately use.


GEL Foam

(Gel visco, gel infused or gel memory foam)

Memory foam infused with gel particles to aid heat dispersion, improve recovery (spring back / bounce) time, and give a softer feel than regular memory foam.


Pure Range

100% pure polyurethane foam with no added fillers.


FR (Fire retardent)

Polyurethane foam containing fire-retardant chemicals that are released when the foam is heated / burnt.



Shredded polyurethane foam mixed with a binding agent to create a high-strength, durable foam, that is still comfortable. Rebonded foam also has excellent sound and shock absorption properties.